SpillTrapper - Industrial Oil Spill Mats

Introducing our SpillTrapper Mat, the superior solution for capturing and containing spills and leaks in various industrial settings. Specifically designed to address spills from motor-driven equipment such as saws, groundbreakers, generators, pumps, tower lights, fuel bowsers, and construction vehicles, the SpillTrapper Mat is a crucial component in meeting legal requirements under pollution prevention legislation.

Unlike traditional nappy-style products, the SpillTrapper Mat offers a revolutionary design that eliminates the need for an extra tray. Its ingeniously engineered construction, featuring a non-slip vinyl base, ensures secure containment of contaminants, providing exceptional performance without the need for additional liners or sidewalls.

Traditional oil-absorbent spill pads, trays, and nappies often act like sponges, becoming prone to leaks when saturated. The impracticality of moving and emptying these spill trays responsibly can lead to overflow or the release of polluted water onto the ground. The SpillTrapper Mat addresses these issues with its advanced design—spills and leaks are effectively captured and transformed into an insoluble rubber-like substance, securely trapped inside the mat. No risk of leaking, no need for additional liners, and no pools of contaminated rainwater.

Versatility is at the core of the SpillTrapper Mat's design. With eyelets at each corner, it can be securely pegged to the ground or conveniently hung under plants when necessary. The hydrophobic inner material ensures that rainwater won't compromise its effectiveness, making it a reliable solution in any weather condition.

Invest in a cleaner, safer environment with the SpillTrapper Mat, a cost-effective and efficient alternative to traditional nappy-style products. Ensure compliance with regulations, protect your site from potential fines and closures, and choose a spill containment solution that outperforms the competition.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 12 products