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Portable Collapsible Bunds

These collapsible multifunction bunds are ideal when rigid spill pallets would be impractical to transport and use, such as in “off-site” remote areas.

Made from welded PVC, the lightweight material makes it an ideal product for transporting between sites while providing enough protection, due to its high chemical compatibility, to provide reassurance of site, product and human safety. 

Each bund comes with aluminium support brackets & turnbuckle connectors to provide a structurally sound bund for collecting any spills, drips or leaks. These may occur from the likes of drums, IBCs, containers up to and including large tanks, machinery, vehicles and more. No tools are required for the construction and dismantling of the bund, which usually takes minutes to do.

Mats & Liners are available as additional accessories to each bund, providing more protection for the bund as much as the environment around it. The liner sits inside the bund when constructed to provide an extra layer of protection against any aggressive liquids. The mat sits beneath the bund to prevent uneven or sharp ground from causing the material to deteriorate quicker.

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