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Drain Covers

We offer a selection of reusable and one-time drain blockers and drain covers, as well as other spill response equipment, that are quick and easy to deploy in the event of a spill on-site. The covers will help to protect drainage systems and sewers from becoming contaminated in the event of a spill or leak and should be as equally considered as part of a spill response kit. Absorbents should also be on-hand when responding to an incident to dispose of and clear the hazards.

To deploy, simply place a cover over the intended drain or drainage entrance while ensuring there is a minimum of a 100mm overlap to help ensure a positive seal and 100% protection. This ensures that the spread is contained and can not spread or contaminate further than the incident area. It’s much easier and cost-effective to deal with spills on the surface rather than decontaminating drainage systems.

Further contamination will likely result in responsibility to clean up the contamination no matter the spread, including potential heavy fines.

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